Apurimac Adventures is committed to protecting and improving the lives of the Quechua families along the trail. The owner, Juan Covarrubias, started the Heritage Trail project to realize this dream. If you wish to volunteer your time and are able to extend your tour a day (no extra charge) you are welcome to participate in these projects. Current projects include:

  • putting in an irrigation system in Santa Rosa so families from Marampata can grow warm-weather crops
  • construction of bathrooms to make camping facilities more attractive to trekkers
  • collecting thatching materials for roofs, and the like.

The nature and location of the projects will change over time, so please inquire if you are interested.

The Heritage Trail project is supported by a U.S. non-profit, Global Pearls, Inc., and if you’d like to read more about the project you can visit their website at www.globalpearls.org/projects/latin-america/peru/

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